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Wish List

There are many ways to keep the arts alive in your neighborhood. Attending a performance or event, sitting on a board, taking a class or workshop, and through donating in-kind services or gifts.

Art Lives Here’s Incubator is getting ready to launch. Soon we’ll be introducing you to the wonderful creative industries who can’t wait to move into this warm and welcoming community. But we need your help to make this Incubator the perfect creative home.

We’re located in the Mount Rainier Artist Lofts at 331 Rhode Island Ave in Suite A. Take a walk by sometime and see what we’re working with. We’ve got lots of space for our creatives… but not much else. We’re turning to you, the community who has cheered Art Lives Here on since it launched in 2012, for help.

We’ve got a list and we’ve checked it twice. If you have any of the below items you are willing to donate or sell to us (at the most reduced rate you can bear) please contact our Incubator Manager Melissa Glasser at


  • 3 PC Workstations: So our Incubator Manager can manage this great space and a few of our enterprises may increase productivity!
  • Apple Laptops, Mac Minis or IMacs: Yes, we are visual folks, using graphics, design and production programs best compatible with Apple products.  Reach for the stars..
  • Fax/Printers: High volume laser printer preferred or a gently used desk jet you don’t need any more. Brownie points if you’ve got extra ink or if it is a fax/printer combo!
  • Copy Machine: In this digital world we’re all about reducing our paper use and saving trees, but sometimes you really need to be able to make a copy of that agenda for your next meeting.
  • Projector/AV Equipment: We are seeking high lumen and ratio video projectors, 3D projectors and an LCD projector.  We have big dreams about the projection potential in our storefront space. We can only achieve these dreams with your help.
  • 3 Sets of Portable Speakers: Sometimes you just gotta get your jam on… we’re looking for portable speakers to ensure our work sessions, events and openings will have just the right music.
  • Camera: Thank you, Krista and Marc Molino for the fantastic digital camera!
  • Digi Beta Deck/Playback or J20 Deck: Help our filmmakers convert amazing analog material into digital and preserve the past.
  • Flat screen or LCD/plasma monitors: As large as 50 inches + (HDMI and VGA support would be great) so that our video projection designer and film makers may screen their work!
  • 4 Production Monitors: We are creating content and editing at the incubator, so the more we can see the better.
  • HD Slider
  • DSLR Cameras and Lenses
  • Animation Stand
  • Powerstrips
  • BluRay DVD player
  • Landline Telephone with Base and Cordless


  • Live Wood Pine Counter Top: Received and made possible with a donation from Treincarnation and our partnership with the Community Forklift.  Thank you both, we just love it!
  • Easels for Client Presentations
  • Angled Drafting Table
  • Coat Rack
  • Conference Table: Received! Thank you to National Geographic! Let the bigger meetings continue in style!
  • Conference Room Chairs: Because a table is just something to set stuff on unless you can sit at it.
  • White Boards: Received!! Thank you to National Geographic. We are inspired and planning the route.
  • Gallery Clamp Lights: Let there be light! We’re out to re-enliven the Mount Rainier Artist Lofts Gallery and feature the incredible residents who live in the lofts, help us put a spotlight on our community and let us know if you have clamp lights available!
  • Track Lights
  • White Christmas Lights
  • Lockable file cabinet and/or equipment storage cabinets: Thank you National Geographic and Gateway CDC for the terrific file cabinets!  To keep our secrets safe… just kidding! But seriously, client information is personal and we are now able to make sure our enterprises are able to ensure it’s protected. We are still seeking two large locking cabinets for equipment.
  • 2 Work tables and 2 office chairs: We received some of these from National Geographic-thank you!  We still need a few more however. These creatives need a large surface to spread out their ideas, and a great chair to sit in when engaging with clients. Have a gentle used work table and/or office chair that’s gathering dust? Give it a new life!
  • Standing open cabinets with shelving: Think IKEA’s KALLAX shelving… cleaning out your college grad’s old room. Turn those bittersweet memories into useful essentials by donating to Art Lives Here’s Incubator.
  • Office lamps: Let there be light! Illuminate ideas by donating your gently used standing or table lamps.
  • Comfy Chairs/Loveseat and Couches: Turns out our enterprises like taking a creative break to curl up with a cup of tea and a novel just as much as you do! Redecorating and kicking hubby’s throne to the curb? Kick it over here instead!  Thank you National Geographic for the couch.  Our filmmakers love it!!
  • Rugs: If you’re ready to move one along, snap a pic and send it to our incubator manager, we may just be able to come and scoop it up.
  • Room Dividers
  • Casual Seating: Received! Thank you, National Geographic!!


  • Coffee pot: Because how can you burn the midnight oil without a cup of joe?
  • Small fridges: To keep milk, creamers and lunches from going bad.
  • Microwave: To warm up left overs and get some piping hot brain fuel.
  • Waste paper baskets: Because bad ideas need somewhere to go.
  • Push Broom: Alas, one must
  • Wall paint: To brighten up the place! We love colors, especially orange, green and purple, dark and light blue, and white. Thank you, Krista and Marc Molino for the lovely yellow and green paint!
  • Chroma Key Green Screen Paint: Looks like we’ll need at least one green screen for our film makers and videographers.
  • Folding screen: To hide those unsightly storage boxes.
  • Paper Cutter: Received! Thank you, National Geographic!
  • Flip Chart Paper: Thank you, Gateway CDC.  Big ideas need to get hashed out.
  • Soundproofing Panels: Received! Thank you, Joe’s Movement Emporium!  Now we can love everything about our enormous space and high ceilings.

Have something on the list above or other items a brand new Incubator could use to incubate? Please contact our Incubator Manager Melissa Glasser at



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