Creative Life in the Gateway Arts District

Madeline Waters

Photo courtesy of Madeline Waters

Photo courtesy of Madeline Waters

Madeline Waters
Age: 29
Family Dynamic: Daughter, Shania 7
Art Genre: Poet, Inspirational speaker, Lyricist, Singer and Creative Expression Artist
In Gad: 1 year and 3 months

This dynamic mother daughter duo is a force to be reckoned with. Madeline and Shania Waters are more than kin, they are writing partners. They spend many days frolicking through the scenic neighborhoods of The Gateway Arts District writing beautiful poems and songs about what they’ve encounter along their picturesque stroll. They’ve composed poems that capture the sound of the notorious trains that pass through our neighborhood like a thief in the night as well as using their writing skills to illuminate ordinary objects such as: discovering the beauty in trash or just simply paying homage to God through capturing the images of an ordinary rainy day.

So, what does a day look like in the lives of The Waters’ Duo:

  • Madeline prepares her daughter for school: cooking breakfast, getting her dressed and on her way to school. When she arrives back home Madeline composes and gathers literature for present and future trainings and workshops she will lead.
  • Meditating, reading Bible, and listening to inspirational music
  • Prepares lesson plans for her inspirational speaking engagements
  • Composing the structure and writing lyrics to her music
  • Catches up with friends via telephone
  • Get’s ready for work (Lead Teacher, YMCA)
  • Checks email for new business endeavors
  • Picks daughter up
  • Prepares dinner
  • Help’s Shania with her homework and settles her for bed
  • Continues working on song lyrics and music, and well as workshop preparations
  • Prepares for bed by reading bible and watching a funny TV show!

140726_4578Interview prepared by Valeka Holt


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