Creative Life in the Gateway Arts District

Jenay Shepperson

Photo/Accessories by: Kim Ayubu-Bey Wardrobe: Nisey's Boutique

Photo/Accessories by: Kim Ayubu-Bey
Wardrobe: Nisey’s Boutique

Jenay Shepperson
Age: 25
Family Dynamic: Son, Princeton 2
Art Genre: Film Director, Producer
In Gad: 1 year 6 months

Jenay Shepperson is a Film Director that has the artistic eye of a hawk. The slightest imperfection and her eyes will zone precisely in on whatever needs to be reimagined. No matter if she’s watching a commercial on TV, a feature film in the theatre, or producing her own project, she can’t help but think about the reasoning and method behind why the director decided to shoot that particular frame from that Point of View. With a degree in Digital Film and Video Production from The Art Institute of Washington, Jenay Shepherdson is a mid career artist who invests substantially in her art. Although her craft holds a dear place in her heart, her family and being financially stable means more. Jenay is an artist who’s not willing to live in poverty just to say she’s an artist. She finds more pride in being able to support her family and create a pathway for her craftsmanship, rather than focusing solely on her art while her family struggles with financial hardships in the name of art.

“If I want to create a masterpiece why would I buy Crayola crayons to create…I’m going to invest in premium products because my work will be archived…being a struggling artist is not a figure of speech, it’s a reality, and being a true artist doesn’t always balance with having a 9 to 5. With having a family and being in this economy I might not be the artist that’s willing to take that risk…for me, my son comes first and I have to think about my son before my art. My son is an infant, and I’m not going to take a business trip to shoot a film that takes me away from my child. As a mother when you first have a child your mind shifts… a total 360…I can’t even fathom anything else, but taking care of my son, and making sure he’s ok…being a mother is such a time consuming job…It’s hard to even think about shooting a 48 hour film, because as a mother I think about who’s going to watch my son for 48 hours.

With that being said, here’s a sneak peak of a day in the life of Jenay Shepperson:

  • 6:00 am Prayer
  • 7:00 am Preparing breakfast for her son
  • 8:15 Takes her son to day care
  • 9:00 Gym
  • 10:30 Works on business plan and job hunting
  • 5:15 Picks up son from day care and prepares dinner

Between the hours of 10:30 and 5:15 Jenay concentrates on her artistry. She’s setting and executing goals that will continue to elevate her film-directing career. During this time she also sets goals that she’s attacks everyday with tenacity.

140726_4601Interview prepared by Valeka Holt


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