Creative Life in the Gateway Arts District

2014 Artists

Kenny George, Americana Mount Rainier

Lesole’s Dance Project, Revolutions: Uncovered Art

Krista Schlyer, Eco • Logy: Home and the Anacostia

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Dance a Home

Leslie Holt, Laundry List

Tamara Wellons, Beauty Built on Love

Improv Arts, Inc., Acts of Arriving

Beloved Community Mosaics and Cultural Academy for Excellence (CAFE), CAFÉ Sign

Shuffle & Stomp, Shuffle & Stomp

Boundless Synergy, Boundless Synergy

Jonah Blaustein, Piano Reincarnation

Patrick McDonough, THE CHARD SPOT 

Susan Kleps, Art and Nature

Ellyn Weiss, Town Spirit 

Becky Borlan, Flower Bombs 

Melissa Glasser, Brentwood Better Block Coordinator: 

Greg Slade, Top of the Mountain

Inner Loop, Southside Music Series & Skateboarding Competition


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