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Acts of Arriving: A Peek Behind the Concept

I had the opportunity to ask a few quick questions to Daniel Burkholder, the mind behind The PlayGround‘s Acts of Arriving project starting at Joe’s Movement Emporium at 11 am on October 18th, and traveling throughout the city to finish at the Millennium Stage of the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center.

The PlayGround by Casi York 2What can families expect when they show up to your workshops?

Daniel Burkholder: There will be a number of activities for family members of all ages to participate in, including a visual art project, an aspiration wall where we ask people to list aspirations for their community, a map to detail all the places they’ve lived, a dance for everyone to learn, and some mini-performances throughout the time period. People can come and go as they please – stay for 5 minutes, or two hours.

RSVP for the September 27th workshop by clicking here.

The PlayGround by Casi York 4How is the audience involved during October 18th’s Acts of Arriving?

Daniel Burkholder: We will engaging people during the performances on October 18th through simply talking with them, inviting some of them to join us onstage for different sections and, at the end, inviting everyone to join in a big dance party.

RSVP for the October 18th Acts of Arriving Event by clicking here.

The PlayGround by Casi York 3Why is this project special to you?

Daniel Burkholder: For the last number of years, I have been interested in the history of communities, how people come together to form communities, and what makes people leave one home for another. Through this interest I have been creating a series of works exploring these ideas, along with research in immigration and the borders we have in our lives (personal, religious, political, etc..). Acts of Arriving is the final project in this series and I’m very excited to bring all these ideas together through movement, spoken word and original music to a number of communities in DC.

And, consequently, this work has become more personal to me as of late because me and my family have recently relocated to Milwaukee, so we are in the midst of creating a new home, finding community, and putting down new roots in a new city.

You can be a part of Acts of Arriving by attending one of the workshops, September 27th, at Joe’s Movement Emporium and, of course, spending they day with The PlayGround October 18th the day of the event.


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Joe’s Movement Emporium is a cultural arts hub that acts as a catalyst for creativity and economic opportunity for all through productions and programs in education, artist services and work readiness. Located in the town center of Mount Rainier, Maryland within the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District, the organization supports and promotes creative projects of local artists and community groups. For additional information on programs and events, please visit

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