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Art & Experiences Auction: Photos!

Joe’s Movement Emporium hosted their first ever Art & Experiences Auction this past weekend. The auction featured the art works and experiences of many of the Gateway Arts District’s talented artists. Checkout photos by long time Joe’s-supporter and yoga-student, Marketa Ebert, below:

Art Works Studio School

Art Works Studio School

Mindful of the relationship between creative education and the creative development of our community, Art Works Studio School remains committed to teaching art technique, encouraging each student to “see” in their own way, and providing multiple opportunities to explore, express and demonstrate their vision.

Art Works is moving from Mount Rainier to Hyattsville where they’ll continue to make creative arts practices accessible to all in the Gateway Arts District.

Interactive Art Wall by Nehemiah Dixon III

Interactive Art Wall by Nehemiah Dixon III

Nehemiah Dixon III, Visual Arts Coordinator at Joe’s, has been featured in Art Works Studio School’s Art Attacks, The Shops at Queens Chillum’s Creative Saturdays, and worked with Alonzo Davis to put together Public Art Concepts.



The following artists who have shown work at Joe’s or as part of Art Lives Here pop-up galleries generously donated art works and experiences:

Dance Box Theater

Dance Box Theater

Laura Schandelmeier & Stephen Clapp are the Artistic Directors of Dance Box Theater, Inc. As citizens of the United States sharing an interracial partnership with the benefit of legal marriage, Schandelmeier & Clapp often find themselves engaged in a contemporary dialogue about race, gender privilege, class ethnography, social dogma and political discourse.

Dance Box Theater, Inc. rehearses, hosts workshops, and performs at Joe’s Movement Emporium.

Smooth & Ez

Smooth & Ez Hand Dance

Smooth & Ez’s mission is to enhance local and national awareness of Hand Dance through instruction, promotion, and preservation. If you would like to find out more about our organization, please browse our site to get an idea of what we are all about.

Smooth & Ez rehearses and holds classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at Joe’s Movement Emporium.

Arachne Aerial Arts student

Arachne Aerial Arts student

Combining the artistry of dance with the drama of aerial acrobatics, Arachne Aerial Arts specializes in high impact duo performance for theaters, museums, galleries and events. The DC-based company performs from rafters throughout the region and has received praise from critics, clients and audiences alike, including awards from Metro DC Dance and the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Arachne Aerial Arts hosts workshops and rehearsals and has an upcoming performance at Joe’s Movement Emporium.



BOOMscat, The Washington, DC based, “Peace & Body Roll”, duo consists of keyboardist/drummer/producer, Asha Santee (BOOM), and vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Patience Rowe (scat). Together, they create a sound that ignites vulnerability, elevation and self-reflection. The mind requires emotional meditation. BOOMscat is the method. Press play.

BOOMscat was a part of Art Lives Here’s performance series this spring at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, and filled the vacant space at The Shops at Queens Chillum as a part of Creative Saturdays.

Howard Connelly's The Big Trike

Howard Connelly’s The Big Trike

Howard Connelly does sculpture, design and installations utilizing wood, metal, plastic, and glass with MIG welding, plasma cutting, woodworking tools, forklift, and state of the art glass etching room, pneumatic stone carving equipment, bluestone work yard with towering oak trees, radiant floor heating system, and top-of-the-line dust collection system for good health.

Howard Conelly is one of the artists featured in Public Art Concepts. The Big Trike, a rideable kinetic sculpture made from recycled materials, made a prior appearance at Joe’s during the opening night.

Check out Joe’s full facebook album of Ebert’s photos from the night by clicking here.


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Joe’s Movement Emporium is a cultural arts hub that acts as a catalyst for creativity and economic opportunity for all through productions and programs in education, artist services and work readiness. Located in the town center of Mount Rainier, Maryland within the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District, the organization supports and promotes creative projects of local artists and community groups. For additional information on programs and events, please visit

2 comments on “Art & Experiences Auction: Photos!

  1. Rick Ruggles
    November 4, 2013

    Looks great- but your links are off: Rick Ruggles takes you to Pat Doyen, etc…

  2. neenajoe
    November 4, 2013

    We have redone all the links.

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